Third Son Collaborates With Stereo MC's

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Alright, you need to stop what you’re doing right now and listen. Third Son has teamed up with nineties hip-hop vanguard Stereo MCs on the new track ‘Assimo’…

Third Son is the London-born producer who you’d recognized if you’re quite well versed with releases coming out of Parquet and Stil Vor Talent record labels. On the other hand, Stereo MCs is the alt-hip hop group who’ve been killing it since 85, have remixed the likes of Madonna, and who gifted us with this:

I know right, epic. 

So if you’re wondering what the product of these two arguably polar opposite musicians would sound like, then look no further then their track released on Skint Records, ‘Assimo’.

Third Son, whose name is increasingly becoming whispered amongst the lovers of up-and-coming electronic music producers, is a man who prides himself on producing music of the highest quality. Boasting an extensive hardware collection (for all you gear freaks out there check out this interview he did), and harbouring on his history studying classical music and playing a variety of instruments, Third Son was always destined to succeed. His production style and the music released on his own record label Polymath Records is extremely sub-heavy and sprinkled with the right amount of high-end for a well-balanced mix. This can be said about his latest EP release ‘Pieces Of Me Part 3’, and said again about this latest release ‘Assimo’.

The track sits around 126bpm and carries a tight 808-esque kick drum, an arpeggiated synthesiser acting as the top line. The right amount of organic instrumentation drives things along, and the sinister vocals of none other than Stereo MCs Robert Birch create the drama. They even did a little live version of this track in Third Son’s studio, which you can check out below.

Imagine that live… Turn your fantasy into reality and check out Third Son at one of 3 dates this summer.

Tour Dates

Friday 16th November: Revolver Upstairs, Melbourne.
Saturday 17th November: Strawberry Fields Festival, Tocumwal.
Sunday 18th November: Shambles Brewery, Hobart. 

Words by Marli Grosskopf