Learn How To DJ With Avalon Emerson


Resident Advisor utilises the queen of technology, Avalon Emerson, as she hosts their new video series ‘The art of DJing’.

Within the overflowing cornucopia of DJs that exist in Melbourne (let alone the world) right now, it can be really hard to get your name out there as an artist, develop a unique signature sound, and ultimately become a legit DJ. I mean there’s only so many gigs up for grabs at Revs and Guerns you know? Amidst juggling these ulterior logistics, it’s easy to forget about one crucial component, something lost but not forgotten, the key ingredient to your timely success. How to actually DJ. Very. Important. Stuff.

Enter Avalon Emerson. The California born Berlin based DJ/Producer/Sound Engineer/Triple Scorpio who acts as the perfect host for Resident Advisors latest video series… ‘The Art Of DJing’. Avalon Emerson besides being a creative wizard, is actually a tech-genius. Growing up in the deserts of California, Emerson earned an internship at XLR8R HQ in San Francisco amongst studying technology and working as a software engineer, before ultimately moving to the techno-hub of the world, Berlin. Track record aside, her original productions are not only so beautifully unique, they’re so cleanly produced and arranged you can tell she knows exactly what she’s talking about.

The series itself isn’t really for beginners per say - she doesn’t actually teach you how to mix. She does however teach you some interesting and unique approaches to DJing, that may just make you stand out that little bit more, and may even earn you a gig at Hugs & Kisses. The series runs you through how to rip vinyl, how to use effect pedals, using hot cues, and the function of an isolator. As a whole it’s a beautifully unique insight into how Avalon Emerson thinks, and dissects the routes she takes to go above and beyond - which has ultimately led to her success. Better get practicing.

Catch Avalon Emerson at Pitch Music & Arts 2019

Fri 8th - Tue 12th March, Victoria.

Catch Avalon Emerson at Days Like This 2019

Sat 9th March, Sydney.