Lobster Theremin Boss Asquith Drops a 150bpm Acid Rave Banger


If you’re looking for a track to clear your sinuses then this latest from Asquith should do the trick…

He’s done it again folks. Asquith has gone and - without any forewarning - dropped an absolute banger, it’s enough to cure your Monday hangover. The Lobster Theremin head honcho has never actually released any of his own work on his internationally acclaimed record label, but rather opts to self-release it on SoundCloud like every other average Joe bedroom producer. Thank you for mingling with us common folk Asquith, we love you for it. To the track in question?

The surprise release ‘Kunstcamp Acid’ is 8 and a half minutes of nostalgic rave-fuelled heart palpitations. Starting out at a healthy 126bpm, a raw gritty kick drum holds the song upright as a relentless arpeggiated acid line carries you through some perfectly placed 808s and a string of muted hi-hats. Just when you’re getting your footing right, comfortably asserting your dominance on the one man dance-floor you’ve pioneered, the rug is pulled out from underneath you as the kick drum seems to multiply ferociously. The steady lift in pace brings you all the way back to the UK in the 90s, identifying as a proper acid house track at a sturdy 150bpm, the urge to present your filthiest bass face becoming almost impossible to suppress. The shift in tempo feels like a metaphorical punch in the face - but one that feels really good. With Asquith joining us down under in less than two weeks, this feels a little to us like a sneak peak of what to come.

We’ll spare you the description, enjoy it in its entirety here:

Friends of Friends with Asquith (Lobster Theremin)

Friday 26th April, Glamorama