Stereo Underground Revels In The Art Of Silence

Stereo underground pic.jpg

The local crew at Balance Music has just announced their new release, and it’s coming via Israel in the form of Stereo Underground…

Known as Yariv Etzion to his parents, the producer/DJ is somewhat of a mover and shaker in his home base of Tel Aviv. There he co-founded one of the leading music production colleges in Israel, ‘BPM College of Sound and Music’, and is also one of the co-owners of renowned house and techno club The Cat & the Dog. As a producer, he had a minor success with the 2009 track ‘Physical Error’ which reached the Top 5 techno charts (we assume that must be Beatport) and also became a Mixmag pick for one of that year’s best tracks. That track also stands as a relic of a time when techno tracks featured a lot of syncopated sounds lulz.

Luckily his debut album is sounding to be a much more current product. In fact, if the preview samples are anything to go by this is looking to be some deadset brooding, don’t-look-at-me; contemplate-your-journey-and-ponder-about-life; eat-one's-heart-out-over-something-that-bothers-you; meditate-over-life-mistakes-and-right-turns-that-should’ve-been-taken; turn-over-in-one's-mind-all-the-things-you-should-have-done-but-didn’t; think-deeply-at-length-about-the-mysteries-of-life prog that we’ve heard in a while. It’s appropriately called the 'Art of Silence’ because, we think, silence is prolly the best time to reflect? Either way, this is looks promising.

Check out the first single ‘Little Red Head’ here - and get the tissues ready as the Art of not Crying is probably applicable to this one.

The first single 'Little Red Head' will be released on the 26th of April through Balance Music. The full-length album 'The Art Of Silence' will be released on the 17th of May through Balance Music.

Pre-order album here: