INTERVIEW: Aaron Cashion from Bloom Nightclub


We chat to the co-founder behind one of Victoria’s most exciting venues…

Melbourne. A metropolis for artistic expression and the most liveable city in the world for 7 years in a row (until bloody Vienna swooped in and stole our crown in 2018). We’re the self proclaimed capital of coffee, avocado toast, and of coarse, getting on the sesh. Yes, we know a thing or two about partying.

Amidst all the monthly residencies, the opening, then closing, then re-opening nightclubs, the sponsored event posts, and sea of promoters within the local scene, there’s a crew who know a thing or two about staying afloat in a dog eat dog industry. Enter Bloom nightclub, one of Melbourne’s most reputable venues. The Geelong-based club has been open for less than 2 years, and has already welcomed international artists Patrick Topping, Claptone, Camelphat, Pleasurekraft, ANNA, Lovebirds, and many more. They’re a crew who’ve spent their fair share of time within the Melbourne music scene, concocting the perfect recipe for throwing a good event.

One of Bloom’s founders, Aaron Cashion, is a name well known in Melbourne nightlife’s industry. The event curator by day, DJ by night, knows the ins-and-outs of Melbourne’s music scene, and can be considered a key cog in the machine that is Bloom nightclub. Ahead of the Balance showcase in a couple weeks time, Cashion sat down with us to let us pick his brain about all things music, events, and how he got his foot in the door…

Hi Aaron, thank you for your time! First things first, how did you get into the industry? 

Bloom founder Aaron Cashion

Bloom founder Aaron Cashion

When I moved from Lorne to Geelong, an old mate Dylan, who I used to party with, let me move into a spare room he had for rent. Him and a couple other mates were already running a party called Fake Chow, so Dylan asked if I wanted to help them out. I started by putting up posters, organising birthday lists and general promotion, then I started getting educated about new music and the art of DJing and producing. I took it all in and put my energy towards Fake Chow. Eventually, I took on a leadership role at the event and started doing the bookings and most of the organisation. We hosted over 40 international guests which was crazy for Geelong at that time. Somehow we created something that people really loved and couldn’t get enough of. 

When was Bloom founded, and what was the vision for the venue?

We opened the club in January 2018. I guess the vision was to create something that was on a world-class level. We wanted the quality to stand out through the sound system, so I asked my friend Adam Ward from Full Throttle Entertainment to come down and fit out the entire club with Funktion-One sound. We gave him freedom to do what he thought was best for the space, and we met his standards by filling the main area with acoustic treatment to compliment the sound.

Aesthetically we wanted the club to be dark, raw and grungy but also a comfortable and safe environment.

Bloom is obviously located in Geelong, a little way out from Melbourne’s CBD. Does the distance from the city play to your advantage or is it a disadvantage?

A bit of an advantage I’d say. It’s really cool being so close to Melbourne as it allows touring agents to tag on another show in the area without it clashing. As much as the Geelong crowd loves to go up to parties in Melbourne, it isn’t enough for it to be competition in any way - it’s so nice to have something here that we don’t have to travel for.

What’s the best and worst thing about your job?

I love booking artists and putting line-ups together, and hosting has always been a strong suit of mine. From guests to punters, it’s always nice to be social and share a common interest in music with everyone.  Worst things I don’t even think about, I’m always feeding off the good stuff. I think that would have to be a big part of the success I’ve had in the industry… but yeah seeing DJ’s redline can really get on my nerves haha.

What do you think is the key to a really good party? 

When everything comes together to create something really special. From venue owner’s attitudes, friendly bar tenders, mood lighting, social smokers area, quality sound, music and the punters who are there for nothing but good positive times. It’s tough to have everything come together so well, but when it does, it’s magic.

What has been a career highlight for the Bloom collective? 

There were so many naysayers when we started the Bloom project. So many people thought it wouldn’t work and we were doomed before we started, so to be able to run successfully over a year and still be doing strong is a highlight in itself. But I’d have to say those extra special nights are always the highlights. It’s normally when you’re just working the same as any other night and then without any expectation the vibe just raises so high. It could be a local or an international playing, but it’s just when all the elements of an amazing night align and you look around the room and all you can see are smiling faces.

What advice would you give to people who want to start a career as a promoter or an event curator in the music industry?

Good luck haha. It’s not easy at all. From when I first started I’ve put 100% in, and the moment I took a step back it all fell away. It’s a huge commitment and requires a lot of passion and drive. Best advice I could give is to give it your all. Like starting any business its risky and scary but keep true to your style and love for the music and that’s when the best things are created in my opinion.

What does the future of Bloom look like? 

At this stage it’s seems to be making leaps and bounds, globally we’re receiving such a great response. Sometimes touring agents tell me international artists have requested to play at Bloom for their next tour and they’ve never even been here. That’s pretty amazing to know the word is spreading. But even with the success I still think we keep doing what we’re doing. Even though Bloom has such a high standard of quality it still has that humble feeling that I think is really important to hold on to. As for the team, John, Ayman, Adam, Luke and myself have found we work so well together and now we’re looking at bigger things for Geelong outside of Bloom.   

Bloom. - 089 - Balance Showcase

Saturday 27th July, Bloom