Horatio Luna Stuns With EP 'Print It, Run It, Send It'


There’s a breed of musicians on the rise, fusing the nostalgic sounds of jazz and hip-hop, with the modern stylings of dance music...

Exhibit A: Horatio Luna. Also known as Henry Hicks, Horatio Luna is the bassist, band front man, and founding member of the notable 30/70 collective. The left-leaning jazz improvisor, composer, producer and multi instrumentalist, describes his sound as a fusion of live jazz with Detroit house. A delectably rich amalgamation in itself, the work of Horatio Luna doesn’t stray too far from the creative components of 30/70, but undoubtedly infuse more of the house sensibility that Hicks founded his knowledge of music upon, most notably with key influences Moodymann and Theo Parrish.

In their own regard, 30/70 are highly regarded both locally and abroad. Following their 2015 debut album ‘Cold Radish Coma’, they quickly grabbed the attention of Rhythm Section INTL's Bradley Zero, releasing their 2017 EP ‘Elevate’ on the UK based record label, and subsequently selling out shows all over the world. The sheer stage presence of 8-11 people performing in their band at any one time, undoubtedly maintains a kind of magnetic energy that’s hard to articulate. Look no further than 30/70’s recent live showcase at the UK based Flesh & Bone studios, to grasp an idea of their infectious vibe.

A strong continuation from his 2017 release ‘Work It Out’, Horatio Luna’s latest project ‘Print It, Run It, Send It’ is an exquisite continuation from his unique sound. Released via Wax Museum back in April, the 5 track EP is a journey through Nu-jazz, hip-hop, and soul, maintaining the underpinnings of house, electronic, and break. The EP’s title track is a sultry romantic piece, guided by Hicks own warm basslines, carried through with warm electronic keys and a spread of organic instrumentation surely borrowed from his bandmates epic talents. 

‘Hip Connections’ incorporates more a funk flavour to it, featuring a deliciously generous amount of a filtered guitar licks, and held up by a gut heavy kick drum. The project as a whole is a beautifully arranged body of work, curated from the mind of an artist who is astronomically talented, and well in line with his own sound. It’ll make you feel like you’re in the kitchen, sipping on some red wine in good company, cooking up a hearty pasta based dish, whilst simultaneously transporting you to a seductive dimly lit jazz bar, filled with smoke and lots of attractive people. And where in the world, apart from those two places, would you rather want to be?