Local Form: CTSD


We check in with CTSD ahead of his debut EP launch…

CTSD is the pseudonym for Chris Cornelius, a Melbourne based techno producer channelling his inner gabber into hard hitting, anxiety inducing, atmospheric yet industrial techno. The random, unpredictable nature of modular synthesis forms the core elements of CTSD’s tracks, with complex and unique sounds defining his style.

On August 10th he will join forces with the Cat House and Plexus crews to launch his debut EP ‘Parallel’, a three track release traversing industrial and atmospheric techno, at Good Things bar in South Yarra. Ahead of the launch of his debut EP, we check in with the local producer to chat about three tracks close to his heart…

FIRST:  Limb Bizkit - Break Stuff

‘I loved these guys throughout my rebellious childhood. I've always leaned towards darker, more aggressive styles of music, even before I get into dance music. I just really loved how it made me want to thrash around and rage. It's a feeling that I've become addicted to with any music I listen to.’

CLASSIC: Octave One - Blackwater (Full String Vocal Mix)

‘It's impossible not to love this track. It just speaks to your soul. The combination of techno with strings and gospel vocals is an unexpected match made in heaven. I've used this as a closing track in my sets a few times and it's lit up the room every time.’

CURRENT: Israel Toledo - What you feel

‘Absolute weapon of a track. Israel Toledo nailed the vibe on this record. I just love tracks that make you feel uneasy and constantly on edge while still making you want to move relentlessly and this track does just that.’

Cat House x Plexus present The VOID w/ CTSD Parallel EP Launch

Saturday August 10th: Good things, South Yarra

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