Go Solar Surfing With Fantastic Man

Fatatsic man.jpg

Three tracks of immaculate quality await you on the new EP….

If you ever got to meet a chap by the name of Mic Newman and you were to utter, ‘You’re Fantastic Man!’ you would be correct. He is indeed the producer behind the moniker Fantastic Man. However, if you were to meet him and utter the words ‘You’re fantastic, man!’ you would also be correct. He is indeed fantastic.

As if to prove that point, he recently released a killer EP proving once and for all that Fantastic Man is, indeed, incredible, and one of Australia’s top tune weavers. The three-track release on Germany’s Kitjen Records contains something for everyone. ‘Avocado Conception’ is a galactic downtempo cut that sounds like it was made for a distant market selling Caribbean wares in one of the galaxy’s furthest quadrants. ‘Native Power’ is a more staunch effort, a bubbling acid line at odds with the organic frontier times whistling melody. It is ‘Solar Surfing’, however, that demands your attention, its energetic breakbeats accentuated by avian sounds and silky smooth synths. Man, it really is fantastic.